WE-Build (short for web-design Expert Build) allows you to get your complete website built by us (instead of building it yourself), for a nominal one-time web-design expert fee:

WE-Build Features:

  • Your website will be completely built and published by a team of web-design experts
  • A nominal one-time WE-Build fee will be applicable in addition to the Pack charge
  • The WE-build package includes up to a max of 10 pages on packages EasyPlus and EasyShop and 5 pages on the EasyStarter
  • Your site will usually be live on the internet within 3 days of providing us with all the required information
  • Includes free updates for up to 14 days from the date of hand-over of website

How WE-Build works:

  1. You sign-up for a SiteBuilder Pack along with the optional WE-Build service to get your complete website built by us.
  2. You provide us with all the required information such as content, logo, images, colour preferences, etc.
  3. Our team of web-design experts work on the content you have supplied to develop your website.
  4. The newly designed website is then published to our dedicated high-end servers subject to your review.
  5. Once the website is handed over, you are free to make changes or update or modify all aspects of your website YOURSELF, by logging into your control panel.

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